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Click here to see a short video clip of kickboxfit in action

Click here for a short video clip of kickboxfit

click here to see a short video clip of some bag work

Come on in, take off your shoes, put your towel and water down, find a spot on the floor. The music starts, "HANDS UP!" Sensei Duffy commands. As you begin to step back and forth for your warm up, you bring your hands a little higher, "TUCK THOSE ELBOWS IN!" Sensei exclaims. "JAB!" As you step back and forth and throw your jab you begin to feel your shoulder working right when your shoulder is warm you hear "ADD THE RIGHT CROSS." And you're there you have begun the warm up to the most intense, heart pounding sweat dripping workout that you have ever had. Each night you come back for more. you just can't get enough, you push yourself harder, "PUNCH HARDER" you hear Sensei command. Before long the sweat is dripping and rolling down your arms. You're getting a bit tired but you push on. You set new limits for yourself as you accomplish your goals, and before you know it, you have dropped those extra inches. Shed those unwanted pounds. You catch yourself looking at the new you in the mirror. (it's alright you know you're looking good. now keep it up)

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Sensei Duffy is looking for a few "special projects."

Sensei Duffy is looking for a few volunteers. Those who are willing will be placed on a nutritional program, and monitored closely on their effort, attendance, and technique. Providing you follow the program, you will see results. If this sounds like an interesting challenge to you. Just notify Sensei Duffy that you are ready to accept the challenge. There is no turning back once you accept, your'e going to be in the best shape of your life. We will take your picture Before, and after. Each individual will be given their own web page where we will list their progress and display the before and after photos. C'mon, what are you waiting for? This could be the push you've been waiting for.



Kickboxfit is a high energy, fat burning, muscle toning, stomach flattening, leg firming, butt lifting workout that will energise your whole life. All in a safe, fun, non-threatening environment. where your only opponent is your self, and the bag. Get fit, Get Kickboxfit. YOU CAN DO IT!

Get fit, get Kickboxfit!