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The following set of pictures were taken during the building phase of the new Dojo. The dojo design was created by Sensei Duffy. The black walls and reception area was built by Sensei Duffy. Katrina was a big help with the painting of the black walls.

dojobefore/reception1.jpg dojobefore/reception2.jpg dojobefore/rearponywallinstall.jpg dojobefore/ponywallpost2.jpg
dojobefore/ponywallpost.jpg dojobefore/meelectric.jpg dojobefore/frontponywallb4.jpg dojobefore/b4mirrors.jpg
dojobefore/b4office.jpg dojobefore/beforereception.jpg

The following pictures show the finished dojo. we have a spectator room for spectators who can watch training on the monitor via closed circuit tv, a kitchen area, nearly 1300 square feet of training floor, laminated wood flooring in the lobby, as well as a new pro shop. Please feel free to stop in if you are in the area for a tour.

newdojopics/parentlounge2.jpg newdojopics/parentlounge1.jpg newdojopics/dojolightsout.jpg newdojopics/backwall1.jpg
newdojopics/receptiondesign.jpg newdojopics/frontfromopeningposition.jpg newdojopics/floortowardmirror.jpg newdojopics/floorfromlobby.jpg
newdojopics/floorfromlobby2.jpg newdojopics/fountain2.jpg

newdojo1/100_2867.jpg newdojo1/adultstudentspractice.jpg newdojo1/sparring1.jpg newdojo1/hollysdesk.jpg
newdojo1/blockersrack.jpg newdojo1/kitchen1.jpg newdojo1/bagroom1.jpg newdojo1/receptiondesign.jpg
newdojo1/proshop1.jpg newdojo1/parentseatingfull.jpg newdojo1/parentseating1.jpg

We have expanded 11/1/2011

Check out the pics of the additional 1700 square foot floor.

Floor2/photo.JPG Floor2/photo3.JPG Floor2/photo2.JPG Floor2/photo11.JPG
Floor2/photo7.JPG Floor2/photo6.JPG Floor2/photo8.JPG Floor2/photo5.JPG