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Congratulations to all team UMAC Members who traveled to Lynwood on the 15th to compete in the kenjutsuryu tournament. It was a good experience for all. The results of the competition are as follows.
Brooke Duffy stepped up a level to compete in the advanced division where she won 1st place in Kata and second place in Kumite.
Sensei Gabrielle competed in kata and placed fourth out of 9 competitors all of which were 17 yrs old.
Sensei Brett Duffy placed 3rd in kumite as well as kata.
Sensei Jaime Martinez placed 2nd in Kumite, and 4th in kata.
Sensei Robby Hill had a challenging dilemma and was eliminated in the first round of Kata. (you had to see it to believe it) Then was disqualifed in kumite for head contact. All in all, I was quite impressed with his performance!
Sempai Rene Placed 3rd in kata and 2nd in kumite. A great time was had by all and we look forward to the next tournament on April 27th in Corona.
Keep up the good work team!

kenjutsuryu0308/BrookeRohainidan.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/senseiBrettJaimemedals.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/senseiandbrett1.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/SenseiBrettandJaimecompete.jpg
kenjutsuryu0308/Brookeroundhousekick.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/SenseiGabbyRohaiNidan.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/TeamUMAC1stouting.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/SenseiJaimeBrett.jpg
kenjutsuryu0308/SenseiGabbyandBrooke.jpg kenjutsuryu0308/TheteamshowingsupportforBrookeduringkumite.jpg