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Black Belt Academy Elite tryouts are Scheduled for Saturday May 11 @ 12:00. Tryouts are open to all students over the rank of Purple white belt. Criteria for acceptance into the prestigious Black Belt Academy Elite program is based on intensity, focus, desire to train to become a black belt, dedication, respect both in and out of the dojo, along with the ability to display proper etiquette, and mannerisms that are characteristic of the highest caliber of Martial Arts Student.

Our New BBA Elite Logo
This image will be affixed to the back of the Black Uniform

Black Belt Academy Elite is here and growing. There are many benefits to our Black Belt academy Elite Program. Our all inclusive program includes all of the following
  • All training fees up to Nidan
  • All Testing fees excluding Dan testing 
  • All in-house seminars, and events including Ninja nights, Kumite clinics, Kata clinics, special training seminars, Ninja Nights, Mini tournaments, and all other in house events.
  • All weapons training, including training weapon, (additional weapons are available at additional prices)
  • All Team UMAC training events
  • All teaching clinics. Sempai's(assistant instructors) must be actively enrolled in our Black Belt Academy Elite program in order to be eligible to teach.
  • Qualification for our Black Belt University program.This program teaches would be School owners every aspect of the Martial Arts Business from inception to retirement. Being A Black Belt academy elite member is a prerequisite in order to be eligible for our Black Belt University program.
  • Special Black Belt Academy Uniform
  • Special Black Belt Academy Elite only apparel
  • Special Black Belt Academy Elite only outings and activities.

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