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Welcome to UMAC Kickboxfit SENSIE'S CHALLENGE site

Formerly Known as Sensei's project

On the next several pages you will meet some of our Kickboxfit students. We have started a "Sensei's challenge" program that will incorporate proper nutritional guidance as well as cardio training to help students reach their fitness goals. Each participant will be issued their own page and that page will be updated every couple of weeks. On each individual page we will display information pertaining to each person. on the site. we will track their progress and monitor their results. Check back frequently to see their progress. This session will run until June 20th 2008. Check back to see their after photos. {Update 1/12/2008. Due to injuries sustained in an accident Sensei Duffy was in on Sept 30 2007, the profiles to the left were not updated completely. We will post the updates to those participants as they come in. We will focus more to the future, as we touch up the past.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Ok so by now it should come as no surprise that I am no blogger. Over a year and no blogging. I don't usually have that kind of time available. Lately I have been working on some pretty big projects that is taking some of my time where I could be blogging. So for all of you blog readers here goes. BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG BLOG. As for the rest of you who just happened across my blog, come to class. I will be updating our Sensei's challenge page soon so check back for the updates. we have some pretty dramatic results from some of our participants. If you want results too, just come on in and get started. We are working on easier ways to get started so stay tuned.

2:55 pm pdt 

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Spring session winding down
Wow this session went quick! Thank you for visiting our web site and our kickboxfit section. We are winding down the spring session, and getting ready for the summer. The air conditioner is primed and ready for you. Registration for the summer has already begun so don't wait too long or you will be left out in the heat. We are gonna tweak our program a bit this summer and make the classes even more exciting and upbeat. Too late to start getting ready for summer it will be here in a couple of weeks, but you can still get in and get fit. Set your sites for the holidays. You can do it! we had a small turn out for Senseis challenge this last session but already, people are asking about the next session. If you have been involved in Sensei's challenge before but are not going to renew, we will be cleaning up and reorganising our Sensei's challenge part of our site, so please don't get your feelings hurt if we pull your page down. We still love you!!Cool See you in class. Don't forget our annual beach trip is coming up on July 19th. (That's the day before my birthday if you are keeping track) This year I will boldly tackle the challenge of the gauntlet. To my fellow black belts who are anticipating my Gauntlet experience this year I say BRING IT! To those who don't know about the gauntlet, each year Sensei Monton sets up the Gauntlet of nearly 50 or more Black belts and my job is to run through. Only I don't run so I kick and punch my way through. It's a lot of fun, don't miss it. Get ready for summer it will be here soon.
See you in Class.
6:23 pm pdt 

Friday, March 28, 2008

Spring session set to begin Monday 3/31/2008
Get ready! Here we go!
Monday, March 31st will be the first night of our Spring session. There are currently a combined total of 110 on the roster for our Kickboxfit Spring session. Monday night will be an orientation along with measurements, and buddy assignments. Remember to give every class your all, and watch your eating habits. Being as you have taken this step to a healthier, more trim, more firm you, why not take the important step of of SENSEI'S CHALLENGE? We will put you on a simple meal plan, and monitor your progress as well as give you that extra push you may need as you face the challenges of becoming more fit. So put down that soda and that candy bar and register for SENSEI'S CHALLENGE! It's only $50.00. You'll be glad you did. Last session we had a mother and daughter compete against each other. The mother signed up for SENSEI'S CHALLENGE, the daughter signed up for one of those programs that "watches weight" (hint hint) The end result was, mom lost 15 pounds more than daughter. You be the judge give it a try. we are limiting SENSEI'S CHALLENGE to 25 participants. We already have 3 signed up and the class hasn't even started yet. To get started, just let Sensei Duffy know you want to accept the CHALLENGE. Good luck! Stay Fit and stay strong! YOU CAN DO IT!!
6:27 pm pdt 

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Send your bios

To all who are participating in the Sensei's project program, Please send your bios in or bring them into the next class. We have pics of all participants, but have not yet received any bios. as soon as We receive them, we can move forward with posting the new participants. Thank you.
So far we have already seen some results with some of the new Sensei's project participants. Jerry has already lost 4 pounds in a week and a half, while his wife Christine has also lost nearly 5 pounds. There's still time. register today or call to reserve your spot.

3:19 pm pst 

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here we go!
Happy New Year to all! We have started our 2008 Kickboxfit session. We have a few enrollments already but are looking for more. If you are serious about getting fit, sign up for Sensei's Project 2008. We will help you every step of the way. We will be taking pictures of the current Sensei's Project 2008 participants on Monday so wear your best workout clothes. Don't worry about the makeup, we will be taking pictures after our workout. YOU CAN DO IT!
9:25 pm pst 

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

4:15 pm pst 

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

9:28 am pst 

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Working on the site

Hey everyone, It's great to see that you are checking out the site. I will be working on it off and on today trying to get everyone's bios uploaded and pictures added, Etc Etc. In between trying to finish my Honey do list, and trying to get a break in where I can. Don't forget, Today is Sunday, Eat whatever you want. But remember the burn we had on Monday and Tuesday. (Tomorrow is Monday.)

10:44 am pdt 

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Handouts are ready
Whew. My eyes are burning like crazy. Been staring at the computer screen for 3 days now trying to get the new site up and running. It's not complete as of yet but lacks just a few minor details. I will go ahead and post it on the web for everyone to see. There will be a link on our dojo web site to access it as well. As soon as I figure that out. Good strong workouts this week everyone is really sweatinjg when they leave. Keep up the good work. Got special plans for tonight and tomorrow so don't miss class.
4:22 pm pdt 

Monday, September 17, 2007

Let's get started
It's been quite a long day. Been working on handouts for the kickboxfit program all day long in between phone calls and walk ins. Got the handouts done complete with eating programs. Get ready, there's no turning back now!!
6:46 pm pdt 

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There are thousands of Martial arts facilities, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in. By building an effective web site, we hope to get our message out to a larger audience of people interested in self enrichment and the betterment of them self and their community.




On this site, we may include pictures of our members, and of their progress. Each person on this site accepted "Sensei's Challenge". they will be pushed harder than others and will undoubtedly see and feel the results. Watch them shrink right before your eyes. Or come on in and you too can accept"SENSEI'S CHALLENGE." we guearantee results!

We invite you to visit us or attend a free class. Our staff and members are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the organization and how you can get started.

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